Bizarro Debutante Ball

May 21, 9:15 pm

Sydney Copeland

Daniel DeVenney

Lucas Johnson

Quinn Kempe

Deadbeat Coalition Compilation of Comedy

Television, Zoom, Household Appliances, and other Tech satirized in a series of scripted sketch material.

Cooper Lyke

Content Warning: Language/Innuendo (PG-13)

Gabriel Manglano

Jack Maricle


A young man gives a passionate dramatic speech about how cruel the world has become and how he has been mistreated! It’s then revealed that his name may be the source of his problems. 

Content Warning: The truth behind the children’s song (the John Jacob Jingleheimer  Schmidt story) 

SaVaughn McClaine

​In-Rhythm and White-A** Warrior

Two five minute sketches. One is a E-Harmony commercial spoof. Also a short parody of American Ninja Warrior, but instead the competition is to showcase white people's skills at not displaying their racism in tense situations.

Content Warning: The word "nigga" will be used

Ben Meneses

Keaton Moore

Lilly Musgraves

Chava Novogrodsky-Godt

Jake Rasof

Shane Jordan Steinman

Tanner S. Sykes

Kathy Thompson