Timed Avoidance

Helaina Coggs

After Camryn loses her closest friend, Tommy, in a tragic accident she is reunited with him in her dreams. There they begin to make up for lost time...... or so they think.

Directed by Sierra Reynolds

Featuring Asha J. Houston as Camryn and Ethan Cox as Tommy


Content Warning: N/A


Henry Zahn


Three boys ritualistically return to a farmhouse window. It's always night. There's someone inside.

Content Warning: N/A

Masks Off

Holly Dodd

Thanksgiving 2021. A family comes together for the first time since the pandemic and things previously left unsaid come to the surface. In the aftermath of widespread tragedy, things will never be the same.


Content Warning: COVID-19, themes of homophobia

Doting, Dawdling, Dangerous: Devotee


"A disciple sees no flaws, though. A lover attempts to love them."
Idolatry, lust, tenderness, and the sacrifice that must be made to satisfy a (love) god complex


Content Warning: Gore/body horror, cannibalism, desecration of sacred texts

Leviticus 20:13

Grace Halfacer

Francis is a college dropout, an ex-Catholic, and a victim of Catholic schools. Damien is a young, unconventional Catholic priest with a secret he keeps buried deep within him. An unlikely pair, the two find comfort and solace in each other - but is it enough?


Content Warning: Homophobia, homophobic slurs, catholicism


Genevieve Swanson

Maggie, Miranda, and Mack have been best friends since kindergarten. They grew up playing Power Puff Girls, violently fighting crime daily. We meet them again in their early twenties facing the Covid-19 pandemic where their hatred for the late-stage capitalism hellscape they are living in turns murderous.


Content Warning: Violence, explicit language

Super Duper Adventures of Super Nova: Episode 1

Lila Engelhardt

A girl and her dog encounter a being from far far away.