Past, Wrapped

Ethan Doskey

Two estranged adults, Maya and Nicholas, reconnect to film a documentary and find answers for their pasts. "Past, Wrapped" asks how our memories control us and whether we ever change at our core. How badly do we desire human connection? What is our pain tolerance for seeking the truth?

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Content Warning: Some explicit language, reference to familial death and drugs

A Mural

Felix Correa-Priest

Two worlds try and tell one story set during the 1992 Los Angles King Riots. One world paints the context while the other deals with the immediate reactions. A Mural attempts to capture the whole picture of what makes a city burn.

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Content Warning: Strong language, physical violence, mental abuse, drug abuse/addiction, racism, trauma

Pieces That Remain

Grace Lowry

"Strange things happen in Dune Valley all the time. Upside down rain, disappearances, and a Black Hole that sits above the town."

But to Daphne Hall, the strangest occurrence is that her sister Josephine was here last year, and now she’s not.

One night in the desert leads Daphne and two girls with unlikely connections down a rabbit hole of memories, secrets, and understanding what it is to mourn.

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Content Warning: Discussion of suicide

Milkshake Beach

Jacob Craigo-Snell

Tensions fly high when a high school newspaper article reveals the relationship of two teenage boys in the crux of the 2008 election. Will this group of friends be able to recover after this bombshell?

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Content Warning: Adult language, sexual themes, use of homophobic slur, brief physical violence.

Meeting Points


Four people meet and unmeet and meet again. Tragedy comes and goes. Time passes. It's a very old story and I'm just telling it again. I promise there's a happy ending. 

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Content Warning: Explicit language. discussion of death, suicide, and transphobia.

Cassandra at Cumae

Ross Milstead

Cassandra broke Apollo’s curse and escaped the death she had foreseen---but at the cost of reopening a wound so deep that now she cannot see anything else. As Cassandra and the Cumaean Sibyl reprocess memories and search for answers, a conspiracy dipping into the pasts and futures of Cassandra and her estranged cousin Aeneas is revealed.

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Content Warning: Sexual violence, war violence, discussions about sexual trauma and discussions about war

The Lord, The Lady, The Girl, The Baby

Sam Kerns

THE LORD is sick. THE LADY is desperate. THE GIRL is ambitious. And THE BABY is what they all need to survive. When a noble family feels the pressure to produce a male heir, each are reminded of how far they’ll go to get what they want— even if it means becoming an entirely new person along the way.

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Content Warning: N/A

Against the Sky

Saskia Bakker

A small town where the only options are to get stuck or to disappear. An inherited curse and a chance to break it.

Three generations of women navigate loss and tradition through storytelling in a world shrinking around them. “Against the Sky” is a mythic coming-of-age story about a young girl determined to make her family whole again.

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Content Warning: Mentions of sex and drug and alcohol use