Mother Chrysalis

Bobby Halvorson

Sylvia is fiercely independent. All the people she's collected over the years are swarming around her, hoping to keep her ever closer. She's looking for a sliver of solitude in a world that doesn't understand her.

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Content Warning: Physical violence, possession, cruelty


Camilla Dwyer

George Washington needs teeth, Martha wants sex. The boy they’re keeping might be hiding more than he lets on, and Martha’s latest dear just wants to go swimming. As the four jostle for space on the estate, it won’t matter who lives, but who walks away with the most cavities.

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Content Warning: Assault, gore, suicide,

Relics: Fragmented Histories

Jana Heili

In our society of consumption and waste, this series digs into the stories of forgotten, broken, and abandoned objects recovered from local alleys. Each episode uses a Relic or two to tell unremembered histories of people and communities behind them.
Like the Tides
Rowling’s Wake
Round of Applause

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Content Warning: Alcohol/Drugs

Friends From Camp

Molly Rosen

BFFs Jamie and Rachel only see each other eight weeks a year at overnight camp. This audio play follows the other forty four weeks of phone calls as they navigate seven years of crushes, parental drama, and everything else that comes with having and growing apart from a best friend.


Content Warning: N/A