COMEDY ARTS presents “comedy STarts”

The 25th Wrights of Spring festival welcomes the first presentations by students in the intial cohort of the Theatre School’s new Comedy Arts BFA program.
Following the introduction of the new playwrights at the Debutante Ball the Comedy Artists will make their entrance by unleashing “comedy Starts,” an eclectic collection of digital works available on the Wrights of Spring website.
Meet the Comedy Arts crew by scrolling through the arrows next to the pictures below.

Cammie Allen

John Bordeau

Dylan Cohen

Joel Davila

Trevor Dudasik

Lexi Hanna

Caroline Koonce


Jack Melcher

Cave Moriarity

Logan J. Muñoz

Camryn Murman

Mariel Sierra

Robert Vetter

Laila Wenrich

Stuart Williams

Devin Wright

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Wrights of Spring 2020

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