Comedy Arts

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Cammie Allen

Cammie is a BFA2 in the Comedy Arts program at TTS and is very excited to attempt to make people laugh at them. :)

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John Bordeau

John Bordeau likes to keep thinks short and simple, real short and simple.


Sydney Copeland

Sydney Copeland (she/her) is a BFA 1 Comedic Arts major from the planet Venus. Please don't touch her behind the ears- thanks! Follow her on instagram at @sydnocare and twitter at @sydthesaint

Kathryn Courtney.jpg

Kathryn Courtney

Hello! I'm a second year comedy arts major from San Antonio, Texas! I'm super excited to be a part of my first Writes of Spring Festival! I'm a big fan of the Cha-Cha Slide, Twilight, and comedy (obviously). Thank you so much for this opportunity!

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Joel Davila

Joel Dávila was kidnapped and sent to DePaul University by three guys all claiming to be his grandfather even though none of them looked like him. Joel's hobbies include airplanes, history, and writing in the third person. Joel hopes you will support his cause… or else.

Daniel DeVenney.jpg

Daniel DeVenney

Hi everyone! I'm Daniel DeVenney, and I am a BFA1 in the comedy arts program! I am very excited to be a part of such a talented ensemble, and I can't wait to see what we all create together over the next couple years!

Trevor Dudasik.jpg

Trevor Dudasik

Dear reader, I Love you. It was not supposed to come out like this but love has a funny way of showing up in the most unexpected of places. You already know how my goal in life is to make and create comedic work that people can take something from. I want to achieve that goal with you. So reader, will you marry me?

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Lexi Hanna

Lexi Hanna is a comedy student originally from Georgetown Texas. She is enjoying living in Chicago and being able to help build the comedy arts program with her talented peers.

Lucas Johnson.jpg

Lucas Johnson

Lucas Johnson is a BFA 1 Comedy Arts student from Alameda, California. When not performing comedy Lucas enjoys tetris and drinking mineral water. He hopes you enjoy wrights of spring!


Quinn Kempe

Quinn Kempe is an actor, writer, and singer from the Lower East Side of Manhattan, New York. She is classically trained in voice and unclassically trained in kicking your ass. Leave all tips in the jar up front.

Caroline Koonce.jpg

Caroline Koonce

Caroline Koonce is a comedian, writer, and director in her second year of the Comedy Arts program. When she’s not at TTS, you can find her working on various film projects or trying to keep her cat from destroying everything in her apartment.



Lazarus is a hard working short black man who is a part time, Performer, poet, president, prince, pretender and real estate guy. Please take him seriously. If you would like to know more, see his stand up special on his Youtube channel! @TheLazEffect

Cooper Lyke.jpg

Cooper Lyke

Cooper is an improviser, sketch comedian, and writer from New Lenox, Illinois. He began training in improv and comedy studies at the Second City: Training Center, before performing as an improviser and writer within the Second City's Youth and Teen Ensemble. He is the founder of the Chicago sketch comedy and improv group THE DEADBEAT CLUB, which frequently performs sketch showcases (I'm Not Mad I'm Just Disappointed..., Bad Moon Rising, and A Very Deadbeat Christmas) for Alzheimer's charities. This past year he co-created, wrote, and directed Prototypical TV a virtual series of sketch comedy showcases alongside providing material for Comedy Arts's Open Mics and Sketch Showcases.

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Gabriel Manglano

Chicago native born and raised, knows more about comic books than you do, Avid DND player, lover of Mexican food, and wasn't sure what to write for his bio.

Jack Maricle.jpg

Jack Maricle

Hi I’m from Tulsa Oklahoma! Not exactly the comedy capital of the world however, I have always had a passion for making people laugh and truly being devoted to the art of all things acting and comedy. I really hope that you enjoy anything and everything that is being put up as everyone in the program is super talented.

SaVaughn McClaine.png

SaVaughn McClaine

SaVaughn McClaine is a comedy writer and actor at The Theatre School. Through his work in college he plans on pursuing television writing and acting.

Jack Melcher.jpg

Jack Melcher

Jack Melcher is thrilled to be back again for this year's Wrights of Spring. He hopes y'all are staying safe, getting vaccinated, and he is excited to hopefully see everybody this fall in person.

Ben Meneses.jpg

Ben Meneses

Writer, Director, Actor, Voiceover artist, amateur paleontologist, surprisingly good ice skater, Leo with Virgo rising, undercover alien, President of the Keaton Moore fan club, Eric Andre impersonator.



Mmmbop, ba duba dop

Ba du bop, ba duba dop

Ba du bop, ba duba dop

Ba du, yeah yeah!

Keaton Moore.jpg

Keaton Moore

Just a kid trying to convince someone- anyone- to give me a chinchilla.

Logan J. Munoz.jpg

Logan J. Muñoz

Logan Jerome Muñoz is delighted to be alive. Music has been a solace for him this past year or so, and with that, he is happy to be sharing what little love there is left in this world through one of the only ways he knows how – music.

Lilly Musgraves.jpg

Lilly Musgraves

Lilly is a brand new Comedy Arts major and extremely excited to expand her horizons at The Theatre School.

Chava N-G.jpg

Chava Novogrodsky-Godt

Chava Novogrodsky-Godt is from San Francisco, California. Chava currently lives in Lincoln Park, Chicago. She is so happy to be in the Comedy Arts program. She wants to thank her classmates and professors for their resilience during these unprecedented times. Chava can’t wait to laugh and create with everyone in person.

Jake Rasof.jpg

Jake Rasof

I'm a sketch writer, singer, karate man, musician, dog walking, cook who really likes to watch movies. I like being silly and taking pictures.

Tanner S. Sykes.jpg

Tanner S. Sykes

Tanner S. Sykes is a BFA 1 Comedy Arts major at DePaul Theatre School from New Orleans, Louisiana. He's known for his Eczema on his upper thighs and for oversharing. Follow him on Instagram and hire him to write comedy! Please! We're begging you.

Shane Steinman.jpeg

Shane Jordan Steinman

Shane Steinman was an American statesman and lawyer who served as the 16th president of the United States from 1861 until his assassination in 1865. Steinman led the nation through the American Civil War, the country's greatest moral, cultural, constitutional, and political crisis.

Kathy Thompson.jpg

Kathy Thompson

Kathy Thompson, resident North Dakotan, is pumped to be involved in Wrights of Spring! It’s been a long year for Kathy attending Clown College online while living in her childhood home and working but she cannot wait to move to Chicago in the Fall and meet everyone in real life!

Robert Vetter.jpg

Robert Vetter

Robert Vetter is a BFA 2 Comedy Arts. He loves the same things as most other people: to live, to laugh, and most of all, to tweet. He hopes to one day meet his hero Elizabeth Holmes.

Laila Wenrich.jpg

Laila Wenrich

Laila is a BFA 2 in the Comedy Arts program. Her cat is named Worm. This is the only interesting thing about them, truly.

SENIOR PIC FINALS-5697 - Stuart Williams

Stuart Williams

Stuart Williams is a 2nd Year Funny Guy who's unfortunately from Dallas, Texas. You have to try way harder than you should to get him to take off his Spider-Man suit or put down his lightsaber. I’ve heard that if you laugh hard enough at his jokes, he’ll get distracted.

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Dev Wright

5’2”, biracial, from Boston, no tattoos, colored hair, D cups, good IQ, better EQ, lives to laugh, laughs to live.