In Fullerton City (the entertainment capital of Racine County) once thriving theatre artists find themselves working in fear of attacks from the evil Pierre Corneille, his henchperson The Three Unities, and his villainous Aristotelian Alliance.  Under this reign of terror, only productions of published scripts are allowed to proceed without interference from the wicked members of the Ari-Al.


  • Molieri and Ibseno shout “Fire!” in any theatre producing new plays.


  • The Three Unities hypnotize and put to sleep audiences at any productions that reject their restrictive rules of structure.


  • YoungMan and The Berle heckle comedians until they relent and retell old jokes stolen from others.


All hope for a future of creativity depends on the revival of the ancient Wondrous Order of the Stylus.  Can the newest generation of heroes from the WOS write their way to artistic freedom?  Will their alliance with the jesters of the Agents of ChAos lead to comedy?  Or tragedy?


Join us this spring to discover the fate of Truth, Justice, and The American Play!





We are forged in the flame of Dionysus

And crowned with the Ivy of Thalia.

The stylus shall never be stilled.





A venerable tool that made possible the creation of written communication, the stylus was first used by the ancient Mesopotamians in order to write in cuneiform.  It was adopted by the Egyptians and Minoans of Crete.  They were used widely until the middle of the 14th century when the abundant availability of paper at a reasonable cast was adopted as a new writing technology.  The Order takes its name from the stylus to honor the origins of the written word and celebrate the continuing importance of new writing in the advancement of society.



In Greek mythology, Thalia was one of the muses, presiding over comedy and idyllic poetry.  She was portrayed as a young woman crowned with a wreath of ivy and holding a trumpet.  The early Christians adopted the wreath of ivy as a symbol of charity and a reminder to help the less fortunate, embodied in the contemporary comedy principle of “punching up.”



The Order adopted the Flame as its symbol a representation of the Greek god who must endure suffering before triumphing over it.  Common to the tales of Dionysus and his followers are moments of metamorphosis, representing the transition from civilized life back to nature.


The Great Dionysia festival fell near the spring equinox and included dramatic competitions featuring the most noteworthy poets and playwrights with prizes for dramatists and actors in multiple categories.

The New order


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The Brave & the wonderous


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