Reactions to a Crumbled Foundation

Gary and Annie just want to feel content. Jess, their daughter, can’t feel content if she doesn’t feel understood, and her father can’t feel content when his entire foundation turns to rubble around him. For different reasons, they find the same escape, leaving Annie to pick up the pieces alone.


Content warning: Drug use, mentions of mental illness and suicide


Katie has a hard time opening up. Instead of sharing her experiences with her loved ones, she chooses to write things down in her planner. After being away at college, Katie has come home for Thanksgiving. Homecoming explores what happens when her planner gets taken and her secrets aren’t secret for much longer.


Morrison Golgotha's Ghosts

While cleaning out the house of his recently deceased father, Morrison Golgotha must face the things that haunt him.


Super-Ron: The Tale of a Not-So-Super Hero

In a world where the only caped crusaders belong in comic books, our hero Ron Peterson gives new meaning to the phrase “below-average”. When the September 11th attack rocks the country, Ron must discover whether he can be a beacon of hope for the people of Rochester, Minnesota


Content warning: Depictions of emotional abuse, politically incorrect language


Maxwell Heart, a political theorist hell bent on doing good, is met by a recently unemployed contractor who wants to make his theories come true. Though, with Max’s declining health, his partner decides to take matters into his own hands… making the necessary decisions in the community’s time of need.

Content warning: Class violence and religious criticism.

Terminal Velocity

Part of the Debutante Ball on Tuesday, May 22nd

When Arin and Sebastian are set colliding into each other by dire circumstances, they face a dichotomous decision: continue to spiral out of control, or use each other as an anchor against the ever-increasing speed that threatens to send their lives scattering into a million pieces.


After experiencing a near death experience from a rattlesnake bite, ex-televangelist Sam Saro believes that it is his prophetic mission to start a new-age spiritual commune on his West Texas Ranch to usher in the age of Jesus Christ Space Alien.


Somewhere Far

After Amelia finds herself caught in a vicious ancestral cycle of men leaving their wives for machines, she escapes with her infant son, Max, to the middle of nowhere. Nearly 13 years later, Max’s invisible friend starts giving him clues to his family’s past. Amelia’s long-standing attempt to break the cycle backfires as Max pursues the full truth.

About Irene

Hannah, a play-it-safe kind of 16-year-old, comes home to find her estranged (and very daring) Aunt Karen in her room, begging to stay with her while she “figures things out.” The catch? Hannah’s mother can’t know. Sensing Hannah’s trepidation, Karen proposes a trade: Hannah’s hospitality for Karen’s expertise on adventure.

Inside the Palace Royale

Adelaide Gilmore has given up her career in journalism to marry the man of her dreams: her boss, the CEO of the New Orleans Picayune and sex-god, Beauregard de Valcourt Kendall. All goes awry when Beau loses all interest in sexual activity the night of their wedding. Friendship, romance, betrayal, self-hate, masturbation, magic, and more.


Content warning: Sexual content, abuse, masturbation, relationship violence, daddy issues

Jeff and the Dead Girl

Jeff isn't lonely. Or sad. Just ask him. He just doesn't CONNECT with people. Except Emily, the corpse of a girl who he recently went to the funeral of. As he gets closer to Emily and her family, their lives and after-lives begin to spiral out of control. 

The Lesbian Play

Your typical tale of two women, tragedy, and maybe a rainstorm. Only, this time around, the pileup of queerness, tragid death, and suspiciously heteronormative gender roles only has ten minutes to hit all its tropes. Let’s see what we can cover before the clock runs out.

Part of the Debutante Ball on Tuesday, May 22nd

Antlers (Failing Expectations & Chuck Tingle)

Part of the Debutante Ball on Tuesday, May 22nd

Brothers, Jason & Gregory, find themselves confronted by each other's stagnate lives while waiting in the hospital room of their recently admitted mother, Veronica. Both men longingly anticipate the spark that will jumpstart their motivation but feel anchored in the idea that their mother is the only matchstick.


Honey Girls

When a mother is told there is nothing else the doctors can do, how does she and her daughter survive? Cancer has taken over Mazie and Marigold’s life, and now they must negotiate how to keep going. Mazie is on the brink of so much, but how can she live without the person who made her world?

Content warning: Depictions of death, illness



Part of the Debutante Ball on Tuesday, May 22nd

Two forgotten souls hold on to the only lives they have, no matter how hard they try to leave it behind.

Eternal Daisy

Ten-year-old Daisy Wallace seems to be too smart for own good. When she discovers a long lost family secret, it propels her on the adventure of a lifetime, and how she grew up to be the chosen one to carry on the legacy of the pickle.


L̶e̶o̶'̶s̶ ̶S̶o̶p̶h̶o̶m̶o̶r̶e̶ ̶B̶a̶n̶d̶ ̶C̶o̶n̶c̶e̶r̶t̶:̶ ̶D̶e̶c̶e̶m̶b̶e̶r̶ ̶1̶9̶9̶4̶

Part of the Debutante Ball on Tuesday, May 22nd

A father and daughter unwittingly stumble upon a past best left undiscovered. The two must grapple with the disparity between their memories and the truth laid bare before them.


Content Warning: Violence

I’m A Dragon

Justin and Angela are set up on a blind date together. The date is derailed when Justin reveals his life may be in danger. Angela finds herself drawn into his world, where an ancient conflict brews.


That Woman

Part of the Debutante Ball on Tuesday, May 22nd

When the complexities of family intertwine with an unnerving postcard, moms-to-be Mari and Jo are forced to face the gritty imperfections of the life that they have created.


130 Yellowstone Ave, Cody, WY 82414

Joe works at a gas station in Cody, Wyoming, spending his days shooting the shit with his co-workers and daydreaming about leaving. He begins to receive ominous messages from otherworldly visions that warn him of a visit from someone important.


Content warning: Drug use, Sexual Content, Sexual Misconduct


Will this dildo make my husband love me?

Six confused adults sign up for sexuality workshops at a feminist sex shop, taught by three equally confused adults. With each class that passes, everyone reckons with their fears and confusion about sex, their identity crises, and the fact that they aren't as in control of their minds & desires as they thought.


Content warning: Sex, sexuality, sexual assault and abuse.


The Wasted Years

It says a lot about the town when all the teenagers hangout at the local Waffle House for fun. This is a play about your parents, wanting to escape, and that weird, angsty time when you’re like 17 and it feels like everything is falling apart, ya know?

Content warning: Emotional abuse, mental illness


Pierre, et le Nouveau Film

A giant gaping hole in the ceiling looms above Pierre, as he wakes up every day and heads to the cinema! Pierre, attempting to help his ultimate crush Maxine stay in Paris, learns about a film-making contest with a grand prize! Enlisting the help of Eliot, the movie theater owner, Sabine, a worn movie star, Victor Hugo, a cat, and Julien, the roof repairman, Pierre learns more about himself than he could ever have imagined.

Certified Witches

Part of the Debutante Ball on Tuesday, May 22nd

Freshmen roommates Natalie and Brynn take revenge into their own hands and summon the goddess Athena, asking her to destroy Natalie's ex-boyfriend.  All of a sudden, the two have a very interesting new neighbor down the hall and find themselves in far over their heads.


Office Romance

When office ambition clashes with personal romance, Layla and Marni find themselves caught up in the head spinning craziness of falling in love and running into a future with a new boo. Cute stuff ensues.


Tracing Knowledges

Tracing Knowledges is a project which uses past work and audio journaling to explore the connections between knowledge, coloniality, and creative work.


I Miss Me

Three months ago Tracey's partner, HER, stopped speaking and moving without explanation. After a few months of going at it on her own, Tracey decides to call her mother, Cindy, to help care for HER.

Grandma Onion and Friends

It’s Summer vacation, and looks like Fern’s luck can’t get any worse- her parents are going on vacation without her, and she’s stuck at her grandma’s house all Summer, who she hardly even knows. But when Grandma Onion mysteriously vanishes, it’s up to Fern to find her. With the help of a childhood friend and one eccentric garden gnome, Fern will go on the journey of a lifetime to find her Grandma, a little magic, and maybe even herself.

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