We are welcoming in the next round of admitted playwriting majors into the festival this year by having an opening Q&A event with various playwriting majors. The introduction into this new group of students to their community and the WOS festival.

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Do you want to see the freshest, newest work to come out of The Theatre School? Come to the Play Slam where our playwriting majors and comedy artists will be presenting work written in the last 24 hours! Audience members will have the option of participating by reading scenes written just a few hours before by our playwrights and laughing along with our comedians as they workshop never-before-seen jokes.

Mischief makers and all who aspire to cause joyful chaos lend their cunning comedy hijinks to the aid of The Wondrous Order of the Stylus! In order to defeat Pierre Corneille and his villainous Aristotelian Alliance by any means necessary, and RiOtS of SpRiNg - A collaborative TikTok challenge where Agents of ChAos (and all who want the last laugh!) embark on a specific mission to take down one of Pierre's hench people and their dangerously (sa)TIRED ideas! All will be broadcast on our encrypted network (AKA TikTok) to hopefully build the alliance and save the Wrights of Spring!


Madie Doppelt, last year’s recipient of the Interrobang Theatre Project Award, and Matthew Carpenter, the 2020 Bundschu award winner, are returning to their alma mater to present their newest works as part of our alumni reading series. We welcome you to attend and see what these very accomplished playwrights have produced since graduating.

Debutante Ball is a showcase featuring introductory works of The Theatre School’s first year playwrights. This year’s program will consist of 10 minute plays written, directed, and read by first year students. After the readings we will be announcing the winners of the Interrobang Theatre Project Residency Award, the Dean's Prize, and the Lawrence Bundschu & Warren Snoddy Endowed Playwriting Prize.

Bizzaro Debutante Ball is a showcase featuring introductory works of The Theatre School’s first year Comedy Arts students, immediately following the playwriting Debutante Ball. Be prepared for some villainous antics! This year’s program will consist of 10 minutes of sketch material written, directed, and performed by first year students.