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The World Organization for Space(W.O.S.) provides mission support from the Goodman-Stevens Space Center at Cape Racine.  

As the home base of Project Dionysus, the Center will provide communications, training, and nutritional services to all Mission 20-18 commanders and their crews.

The Center

The Center is named for Captain Kenneth Sawyer Goodman, whose vision for exploring new worlds continues to inspire the work of W.O.S.  The name also recognizes Capt. Goodman’s colleague, Professor Thomas Wood Stevens, who brought Goodman’s vision to life after the Captain contracted a fatal case of the flu on a test flight.

Today, under the direction of W.O.S. director, Dr. John Ransford Watts, the Goodman-Stevens complex provides a home to a number of renowned institutions:

     ·   The Bella von Itkin Center for Astronaut Training, named for the Soviet               émigré whose training methods have been emulated by space programs           around the world.

     ·   The Bundschu-Snoddy Jet Propulsion Laboratory where research is                     leading to techniques for faster and more efficient launches for senior               mission commanders.

     ·   The Lewis & Hilary K. Josephs Medical Center, providing the latest                   advances in patient care and nutritional support.

The Center looks forward to welcoming visitors during Mission 20-18 and aspires to provide a safe and satisfying travel experiences for mission commanders, their flight crews, and passengers as they explore new worlds.

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