About Wrights of Spring

Wrights of Spring is a free, school-wide, student-driven annual celebration that showcases new work by The Theatre School playwrights. The two-week festival features pieces that are written, directed, and performed by Theatre School students. This is the chance for everyone to come together to see the work by the next generation of playwrights.

This year, Wrights of Spring is celebrating its 25th year of bringing new plays to life at The Theatre School.

The festival runs from May 18th through May 31st and features the work of 48 students. Since its inception in 1996, Wrights of Spring has showcased plays of over 200 playwrights. Works presented at Wrights of Spring are frequently produced subsequently at The Theatre School.

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Soci​al Media

To keep up with the festival on social media, visit Facebook.com/wrightsofspring and Instagram @wrightsofspring

After you see a reading, share your experience on social media by tagging @wrightsofspring on Facebook or Instagram and let us know how you’re enjoying your virtual experience!

Special Events

The festival offers people an array of special events in addition to the readings. The festival kicks off with an Alum Panel on the 18th, featuring Ike Holter, Caroline Macon, and many others. The Debutante Ball, on May 26th, features First Year Playwrights’ premieres of their seven-minute readings and showcases the works of the first ever class of Comedy Arts majors. The Debutante Ball also recognizes a graduating senior with the Lawrence Bundschu and Warren Snoddy Endowed Playwriting Prize.

Playwrights Central

Playwrights Central is the hub where everyone gathers before and after readings to hang out and explore the immersive installation provided by I-SITE (The Institute for Study of Immersive Theatrical Experiences). Visit and explore the space to learn more about this year’s experience and the Wide Open Seas Shipping, Co.


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For more information about the company and its armada, please visit the W.O.S. headquarters.

New Playwright Series

Since 2004, The Theatre School has been committed to bringing our audience a world premiere of a brand new, original play written by a current Theatre School BFA Student. For most NPS playwrights it is the very first time they’ve seen their work leap from words on a page to a fully realized production of their work. NPS introduces the playwright to the Chicago theatre community as an artist in their own right.

Due to the ongoing crisis, the production of this year’s NPS production, The Model Play by BFA IV Playwriting major Madie Doppelt, could not go on as intended. However, the play is being presented in an exciting new form that anyone can explore at The Model Play  website coming soon!

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Wrights of Spring 2020

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