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Welcome to Wrights of Spring... 

Wrights of Spring is a free, school-wide, student-driven annual celebration that showcases new work by The Theatre School playwrights. The two-week festival features new work readings written, directed, and performed by Theatre School students. This is the chance for everyone to come together to see the work by the next generation of playwrights.​

The festival runs from May 21st through June 1st. Since its inception in 1996, Wrights of Spring has showcased plays of over 200 playwrights. The festival aims to celebrate our students and the wonderful work they have created. 


What is Riots of Spring?

The Riots of Spring is the counterpart to Wrights of Spring featuring work from other students at the Theatre School. From Comedy, to Music to Trivia, Riots of Spring has it all! This year featuring Connor Snow, Bitrake, The Grappler and STARS! 

What is Playwrights Central?

Already reeling after the death of their inspiration, Kenneth Sawyer Goodman, the members of the Wonderous Order of the Scribes (the Chicago chapter of the international Wrights of the Wround Table) are thrown further into disarray by the exile of their new leader, Thomas Wood Stevens, to the wilds of Pittsburgh after his proposal for the creation of America’s first school of drama is rejected by the board of the Art Institute of Chicago.


Staying in touch with Stevens by coded correspondence, connecting with the Goodman family through clandestine meetings, and gathering information about the Art Institute from trusted informers, the remaining member of the Wondrous Order of the Stylus lay their plans for a revolution on Chicago Theatre.


Risking their social and artistic reputations, Ben Hecht, Maureen Dallas Watkins, Neva Boyd, and Charlotte Chorpenning assemble their colleagues in the secret back room of the Cliff Dwellers Club in the penthouse of Orchestra Hall to devise a plan to create a drama school they dream will last for a century!

What is Playwright Slam?

Playwright Slam, taking place on May 21st is where playwrights bring short plays to be cast and performed by audience members that night! Don't miss out on the fun of the first event of the festival!

What is Debutante Ball?

Debutante Ball is the event that showcases what first year playwright's have been working on all year! Come out to see their ten minute pieces and support the seniors as they receive awards for their hard work these past few years! Please Dress up!



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