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What is Wrights of Spring?

Wrights of Spring is a free, school-wide, student-driven annual celebration that showcases new work by The Theatre School playwrights. The two-week festival features new work readings written, directed, and performed by Theatre School students. This is the chance for everyone to come together to see the work by the next generation of playwrights.​

The festival runs from May 16th through May 28th. Since its inception in 1996, Wrights of Spring has showcased plays of over 200 playwrights. The festival aims to celebrate our students and the wonderful work they have created. 


What is Riots of Spring?

The Riots of Spring are the hilarious counterparts interspersed amongst the play readings occurring over the course of the festival. Entirely student produced and cast by the Comedy Arts majors, these 15-60 minute performances range anywhere from sketch shows, improv, standup, and more! With a dozen riots popping up over the course of Wrights of Spring there’s plenty of opportunities to see some great comedy.

What is Playwrights Central?

At  the Château d'Oignon Sauvage, an abandoned ski resort, eccentric music producer Bella Itkin has established a home for her Wild Onion Studios label.  Famed for her work with emerging artists across musical genres, “Dr. Bella” has installed state-of-the-art recording equipment and has invited her vibrant roster of recording artists to gather this spring to present their latest work – and hit the slopes.  The new albums presented during this festival will demonstrate the WOS trademark:  “Wild Onion Studios – The Future of Sound.”

What is Playwright Slam?

Playwright Slam, taking place on May 16th, is where playwrights bring short plays to be cast and performed by audience members that night! Don't miss out on the fun of the first event of the festival!

What is Debutante Ball?

Hosted by BFA2 Playwrights Gracie Crone and Perse Grammer on May 23rd, the BFA1 Playwrights will make their TTS debut with an evening of 10-minute plays celebrating out wonderful first years, and honoring graduating playwrights with awards including The Lawrence Bunndschu and Warren Snoddy Endowed Playwriting Prize. Don’t miss this red-carpet event celebrating our wonderful first years!



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