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Playwright Slam!

Playwright Slam, taking place on May 21st, is where playwrights bring short plays to be cast and performed by audience members that night! Don't miss out on the fun of the first event of the festival!
Tuesday, May 21st,
7:00-10:00 PM
Healy Rehearsal Room

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Median by Grace Everett

Jane Conway is trapped between two worlds– too young for independence, but too smart for normalcy. When her mathematical prowess earns her early admission to a local college, Jane thrusts herself into a false pretense of adulthood against her father’s wishes, and as her lies take on a life of their own, she must confront hard truths about herself and her loved ones.
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By Ivy McPherson

Ella and Holland, two roommates in their freshman year of college, reckon with their own changing identities as an old friend comes to visit.

Touch Me My Exodus: An Ode to the Hood
By Isaiah Zavion Ayòrí

Five years after the murder of a beloved community member, in the Raunchy, Righteous & Gospel Ridden Deep South, Rya, a talented Young Black Gay Wrestler, Liturgical Mime, & Sex Worker, fights to break free from his Hood’s ancestral grip on him, but when unexpected spirits & events from his past resurface, Rya & those in his orbit must confront the deep, spiritual, & intergenerational roots of their seemingly inescapable suffering.
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Back to School By Chris Lawson

In her affluent, predominantly white, catholic private high school, Bernadette has always felt out of place. Issues arise when an event forces her friend group to confront questions regarding class, sexuality, and race.
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Thong Play By Lily Kate Cobb

What does it mean to grow up? What about growing up too fast? Too slow? “Thong Play” is about Friends, School, 8 am, Weather Men, Kleptomania, Underwear, and more.

The Diner at the End of the World By Daniel Driessen

No one really knows what happens when you die. But you might find out if you stop by your local Denny's.
(CW for mentions of death, suicide, S/H, drug addiction, and customer service)
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21 North by Gena Treyvus

In the north wing of the 21st floor of Bellevue Hospital in New York City, Nicole is the new girl in the psych ward. 21 North follows not only Nicole, but an ensemble of teenagers, as they try to figure out what life looks like in this strange space.
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Walls By Emma Burkey

Cath returns to her childhood home after her grandmother passes away and quickly realizes her family is not like how she left it. Her grief and her tumultuous relationship with her step-dad makes her seek comfort in her ex-boyfriend as she faces family secrets, dynamics and truths.
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In the Garden by Ryen Jones

 Gardens are teeming with life and require regular nourishment and care. However, if the water utilized is contaminated, it is impossible to prevent its deterioration. In the Garden follows a family of three—MA, BOECAL, and SENILE—and cuts between different times throughout their lives. We watch as they struggle to get past a loss that has defined their relationships and sense of self, despite their desire to grow and understand one another. If at all possible, they must learn to navigate their suppressed feelings, sift through thorny memories, and find a means to move forward.
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Unconditional By Joseph Frantzen

Two lonely teens meet in an indoor children's play-place. Baxter's mother suffocates him with her love. Gillian's terrified of her father's wrath. Together, they find someone they can finally connect with, and a bizarre love triangle emerges...

10 Minute Plays

The Trial (By Jordan Dunne) follows three sisters conversing before the trial against their father in which they must all testify against him.
Body Reported (By Gene Berg) Three space cadets are the last remaining crewmates on their spaceship. One of them is not what they seem. Can they figure it out before it's too late?
Somewhere, In the Middle of Nowhere (By Meredith Blackcreek) After receiving a cryptic postcard in the mail, three teenagers embark on a one-way road trip across the Appalachian Plateau.
most people want to feel good most of the time, probably  (By Beddie Slatkoff) A group of people, in their desperate attempt to achieve something, make up an episode of the news. Who knows what their sick, twisted plot could really be, at it's rotten apple core, but it has something to do with trying to plug the leak in the bottom of the boat.
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Debutante Ball

Come celebrate our first year playwrights! Followed by a special award ceremony presenting the Interrobang Residency Prize, Donald M. Ephraim Achievement Award, Theatre School Dean's Prize, and the Lawrence Bundschu and Warren Snoddy Endowed Playwrighting Prize.

Tuesday, May 28th,
7:00-10:00 PM
Watts Theatre
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May 32nd by Caylah Johnson

Ricky Evanson is a kindergartener experiencing the worst day of his life for the first time. Jay Evanson is his insomniac father, who’s always present physically but emotionally vacant. Jay is also the CEO of Dustbowl Incorporated, the largest sand supplier in Illinois. When Jay’s rogue career day presentation goes array, Ricky finds himself embarrassed in front of his entire class on the absolute last day of kindergarten. Worsening the matter, there’s a recording of this being used as promotional material all over the internet. He wants a do-over. Nell, the preschool teacher, informs him that time moves only forward. As the Son of the Sandman, Ricky thinks otherwise. Ricky rewinds the day through the perspective of each adult in his life in an attempt to stop this atrocity from happening. However, doing this causes the fragile psyche of adults to break open, exposing the flimsy, child-like coping mechanisms surrounding the permanence of time. Plus, at the end of the day, he’s only getting older. No, literally. His body ages rapidly every time he rewinds as a side effect. Freaky!

By Ethan Venzon

Two siblings must enter the woods behind a country club used for war reenactments to find something they've been putting off.

The Rot Part One
By Willa Colleary

Dr. Lin Stahl, distinguished professor of Art’s Metaphysical Philosophy, finds herself in need of an assistant and protégé. She hires the one young person she can stand.

Cigarettes at a Funeral
By Flores Maria

Reeling from a recent tragedy, three estranged friends attempt to reconcile, and In a desperate bid for forgiveness, cause long-held secrets to bubble to the surface.
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Get Down by Connor Yokley

After a major injury brings his troubled, unspoken past to light, a young man takes shelter from life in his brother's basement.

Rite by Leo Wescott Larson

Four avant-garde theatre artists design a performance piece with the aim of exposing the dangers of post-humanism and resisting its place in the arts. The concept for their show is simple: One randomly selected performer must read A.I. generated monologues until they collapse. 

The Brightwood Academy for boys and girls by Iona McGregor

Six boarding school students get trapped over winter break and silliness ensues.
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Left Unheard By Perse Grammer

Jude has a secret, Ruth has a disability, and Alodia has both. When three siblings collide after years apart, they’re forced to confront old resentments and new conflicts—plus a giant beetle.
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The Trolli Problem By Grace Archer

It's the night of Hudson's Halloween party, and Steph is introducing her new girlfriend to her long-time friends. As the party goes on, the masks come off in this cringe-filled dramedy.
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Rat's Nest By Emily Haslam

As senior year approaches, seventeen-year-old Joy longs to be her own person. With the help of her friend, Erin, she navigates a world of love, style, and high school, much to the chagrin of her controlling mother.
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