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Debutante Ball

Come celebrate our first year playwrights! Followed by a special award ceremony presenting the Interrobang Residency Prize, Donald M. Ephraim Achievement Award, Theatre School Dean's Prize, and the Lawrence Bundschu and Warren Snoddy Endowed Playwrighting Prize.

Tuesday, May 24,


Healy Theatre

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Meeting Points
By Morris McLennan

​Four lonely people navigate what it means to live meaningful lives in the forseeable future. They try to find hope, happiness, and normalcy in a story about LGBTQ+ love and friendships. How do you carve a path in a world that doesn't have space for you?

May 18-21, 7:30-10:00

May 22 & 29, 2:00-4:30

May 25, 8:00-10:00

May 27-28, 7:30-10:00

Watts Theatre

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Ornithologist’s Lullaby
By Kenny-Finch 

Synopsis: Though a caged bird may sing, a scorned lover must fly

Content Warnings: descriptions of body horror/mutilation


A Los Angeles Mural By Felix Correa-Priest

Synopsis: Los Angeles. 1992. As the city burns due to the raging Rodney King Riots, two stories take place. The first takes place under the fourth street bridge at the heart of the city where four homeless individuals strive to make the perfect utopic camp. The second takes place in a house not too far away where a Latine household simply tries to survive the night without violence. Together these stories paint the picture of what it takes to make a city burn and what it means for all the people who have to live under that circumstance.

Content Warnings: Violence. Racism. Connection to police brutality. Mention of drug use and addiction. Strong language.


By Holly Dodd

Synopsis: Twyla finds herself unexpectedly pregnant and has to quickly choose her next steps under the newest abortion ban in Texas- the Heartbeat Act.
Location moved to the HEALY 

Runner’s Digest
By Caylah Johnson

Synopsis: George will do anything it takes to feed his Alpha agenda, much to his fraternal twin Aaron’s chagrin. Will George’s precarious eating habits run everyone he loves away?

Stars Shine Like Honey
By Iona McGregor

Synopsis: Hello folks! Stars Shine Like Honey is a beautiful and heartwarming tale of a girl who becomes a star. Watch her triumphs, her failures, and everything in between while we make all the money. Have fun and may quasar bless you!

Content Warnings: depictions of addiction, mentions of suicide and death


Pieces of You
By Gena Treyvus

Synopsis: Sarah visits her friend Alice over spring break. The two reminisce about their time together in high school and grapple with the past.

Content Warnings: discussions of sexual assault and intimate partner violence


Nuclear Galaxy: Interrobang Theatre Project

Welcome to Anywhere USA, where the war is finally over, the white picket fences are pristine, and a strange young girl has just crash landed on the porch of one of the resident couples. As these two new moms struggle to learn how to take care of their rapidly growing daughter, they come face-to-face with stranger things than the atomic weather raging outside of their home. Can they catch on to raising a headstrong teenager? Or will the experience just leave them shell-shocked?

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By Jeffrey Luke Baker

Synopsis: Two families come together for one last dinner to reckon with the deaths of their children.

Content Warnings: transphobia, mentions of suicide
Special Thanks: thanks to my family—specifically to my mom for all her help and support :)


By Helaina Coggs

Synopsis: To cope with a chaotic childhood and an abnormal mother, Sammie creates a pair of imaginary friends who become her closest companions. However, as Sammie grows up these rambunctious imaginary friends overstay their welcome, and her mother becomes increasingly erratic.

Content Warnings: depression & suicide

Location moved to the HEALY 


Pretty Boys
By Jacob Craigo-Snell

Synopsis: Alex hates her best friend’s new boyfriend, Chris. She detests him, wishing the couple would break up. But it’s too late- Sophia has fallen head over heels for Chris. When Alex learns a terrible secret about this pretty boy, she must protect her friend by any means necessary.

Content Warnings: Violence


Work In Progress By Lila Engelhardt

Synopsis: A coming-of-age story about a girl, Emmy, and her roommate and their clashing personalities regarding how they view sex and relationships.

Content Warnings: Talk about sexual acts and sexual abuse


Location moved to the HEALY 


Death at Teddy Bear Rock
By Grace Lowry

Synopsis: It’s not safe to go into the deep dark wood alone—that’s where The Family lives. Portia was born with blood-stained hands, raised by a family who hunts the woods not for animals, but for lost, lonely travelers. That is how it has always been, and that is how it will always be, but something in the air is changing. A rainstorm approaches, an ax is found, two lovers meet to plan a forbidden future, and by the end of the night, one of The Family will be dead.

By Sierra Reynolds

Synopsis: Bobby, a first-time father, begins to feel the pressures of parenthood. Can he get himself in order, or will he fail to protect his family?

Content Warnings: War themes/Explosions/Gun Shots

Special Thanks: My dad Chris!


A Space Play
By Ethan Venzon

Synopsis: Alone in the boundless expanse of outer space a human reject and his robot best friend must face their lack of humanity when an unwanted memory returns.

Content Warnings: Language, Sexual Situations, hypothetical intergalactic xenophobia.

Special Thanks: Special thanks to Baby Blue, The eternal soul of capitalism, 2014 Amy Schumer, and my many other valued comrades.

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