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Meet Our Wrighters!

Wrights Of Spring

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Jeffrey Luke Baker is from Mission Viejo, California. He’s a playwriting and German language and literature double major with a minor in philosophy. He thinks socialism is cool.

Jeffrey Luke Baker


Wrights Of Spring

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Helaina Coggs is a playwright from Lehigh Valley, PA where one of her plays, “A Boy Called Mary” premiered at the New Playwrights Festival. In Chicago, Helaina currently has a playwriting fellowship at Congo Square Theatre. She is a third year playwright, with minors in Film Production & Screenwriting. She is always exploring ways her passion for theatre can intersect with her ventures in film and television.

Helaina Coggs


Wrights Of Spring


Grace Everett (she/her) is a first-year playwright from Dallas, TX. She is proudly autistic and passionate about telling queer, female, and disability-centric stories. Grace is also an actress, and the winner of the 2019 Texas Thespian Festival PLAYWORKS competition for New Plays. Most recently, her short play, Letters for Adelaide, was produced at Point Park University in December 2021. Thanks to Mom, Dad, Gabi, family, and friends.

Grace Everett

"Debutante Ball"

Wrights Of Spring

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Daniel Driessen (Any pronouns) BFA 1/Playwriting. Daniel is a 20 year old writer from Fairfax, Virginia. They are very excited to have the chance to put their voice out on a stage. Daniel has recently closed out stage managing the studio show "Survived By" here at The Theatre School, and prior to that has had their main focus on simply telling stories that they think are worth telling. And they can't wait to keep doing exactly that.

Daniel Driessen

"Debutante Ball"

Wrights Of Spring


Caylah is a BFA 2 Playwright major who is simply happy to still be here.

Caylah Johnson

"Runner's Digest"

Wrights Of Spring


Grace is a writer who has developed her plays Toora Loora Lay, The Train Comes at Midnight, and Pieces That Remain at The Theatre School at DePaul, where she was the 2021 John R. & Joyce L. Watts Playwriting Scholar. As a dual-citizen of the U.S. and Great Britain, Lowry has lived in Florida, South Carolina, Texas, and England. Now a Chicago transplant, Lowry spends most of her time exploring book stores in the city, getting stuck on the train at rush hour, and drowning in caffeine.

Grace Anne Lowry

"Death at Teddy Bear Rock"

Wrights Of Spring


Sierra is a director, and now playwright, from northern California. She has been on the directing team of Dance Nation, Squirrel Girl, Sweat, and Watch Out! Black Ice!, here at TTS. She is very happy to debut her first play, with the support of the playwriting cohort and faculty.

Sierra Reynolds


Wrights Of Spring

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Casey is a 1st year Playwrighting Major at The Theatre School at DePaul University.

Casey Whisler

"Debutante Ball"

Wrights Of Spring


Hailing from Greenville SC, as a BFA1 Playwriting Major, Isaiah Zavion Boozer is a multifaceted artist. He is a Playwright, an Accolade Achieving Screenwriter, A 2021 United States Presidential Scholar Semifinalist, A Graduate/ Alumni of the South Carolina Governor's School for the Arts and Humanities, a 2021 National YoungArts Winner in Theatre as an actor, and a 2022 TEDx Speaker. He creates art that strives to reach into the core of humanity and expose the truth.

Isaiah Boozer

"Debutante Ball"

Wrights Of Spring

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Felix is a fourth-year playwriting major from Los Angeles California. His other credits at The Theatre School include assistant directing positions in the productions The Moors (2020), Everybody (2021), and Tall Enough (2022) with an additional acting credit in Tartuffe (2022). He is so happy to finally experience a Wrights of Spring festival in person again and hopes you enjoy all the new works coming to the festival.

Felix Correa-Priest

"A Los Angeles Mural"

Wrights Of Spring


Holly Dodd is a playwright, screenwriter, and graphic designer who grew up between rural Texas and Nashville Tennessee. She finds inspiration in her southern upbringing and feminist history. She is politically active and is passionate about the future of Texas. She hopes to write for television one day with more shows focusing on women’s stories.

Holly Dodd


Wrights Of Spring

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Lila Engelhardt is a third year Playwright minoring in Animation. Her past work was showcased in Wrights of Spring during the pandemic. This will be the first time her work will be put on in person at The Theatre School. She has worked as a dramaturg on Detroit ‘67 this year as well as Mess Fest where she was a part of BUMF, reciting a comedic personal essay. She is excited to be apart of Wrights of Spring again and hopes it is a hit!

Lila Engelhardt

"Work in Progress"

Wrights Of Spring

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Spencer is a Korean American writer from New Jersey and Jeju Island. He enjoys coding, spelunking down Wikipedia rabbit holes, and the occasional sojourn into immersive experience design.

Spencer Heemang Kim

"Debutante Ball"

Wrights Of Spring


Iona McGregor is a second year playwright. She loves boy bands, Taylor Swift and female protagonists. Iona believes that some the best writing has a mixture of comedy, drama and heartfelt moments and tries her best to implement that in her own writing. Her biggest goal in life is to play the song 22 by Taylor Swift on her 22nd birthday.

Iona McGregor

"Stars Shine Like Honey: A Telethon For Charity"

Wrights Of Spring


Gena is a BFA2 playwright from Brooklyn. Her plays include Strawberries at the Datcha and Operation #23: Steal the Mona Lisa, which received workshops and readings at the 2019 & 2021 FreshPlay Festivals at MCC Theater. Strawberries at the Datcha was also a finalist for the Jewish Plays Project’s 11th Annual Contest, and she is featured in their first-ever podcast series. Her recent work includes assistant directing The Seagull and devising/acting in Swear on My Mother’s Grave.

Gena Treyvus

"Pieces of You"

Wrights Of Spring


Connor Yokley is a BFA I Playwriting major from Denver, Colorado, and is very excited to make his first-year debut at Wrights of Spring this year! He's been writing plays since his junior year of high school, and had his first play, Imminent And Disastrous, read at the Denver New Play Summit. Connor also enjoys video games, music, and not being lactose intolerant.

Connor Yokley

"Debutante Ball"

Wrights Of Spring


Former horsegirl and dragon kid, present fever dream of the ancestors, this Oklahoma born, Indiana incubated, and Chicago hatched writer aims to create pockets of whimsy, reimagining fantasy worlds of childhood and bringing to life all that which resides in the dusty, shadowy corners of the mind.


"Ornithologist's Lullaby"

Wrights Of Spring


Jacob is a Guatemalan American writer. While at The Theatre School, he had plays premiere in the Wrights of Spring Festival; Where’s My Smoothie? (2019), Trials and Tribulations (2020), and Milkshake Beach (2021). He also participated in the Short and Sweet Theater Festival at DePaul University where his play Benjamin and Alex Practice Celibacy and Where’s My Smoothie? were performed in 2021. He currently works as an assistant house manager at Steppenwolf Theatre.

Jacob Craigo-Snell

"Pretty Boys"

Wrights Of Spring

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Ethan is a 4th year Playwrighting Major at The Theatre School at DePaul University.

Ethan Doskey

BFA4 Playwright

Wrights Of Spring


Perse Grammer (they/them) BFA 1/Playwriting. Perse is a Playwright from Los Angeles, California who enjoys writing comedic and absurd shows. They have directed their plays at both high school and community theatre levels in Los Angeles. Perse is excited to make their Theatre School debut!

Perse Grammer

"Debutante Ball"

Wrights Of Spring

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Chris is a 1st year Playwrighting Major at The Theatre School at DePaul University.

Chris Lawson

"Debutante Ball"

Wrights Of Spring


Morris McLennan is a Midwest-based playwright originally from Cleveland, Ohio. His work explores themes of humanism and trans/queer identity. His plays include Meeting Points, The Transit of Gemini, and Blooming Season, all developed through DePaul University. In his free time, Morris cracks a lot of jokes and bakes a lot of chocolate chip cookies.

Morris McLennan

"Meeting Points"

Wrights Of Spring


Ethan is a writer from Jacksonville Florida. Ethan has emerged from his 20 year hiatus to write A Space Play. Bazinga.

Ethan Venzon


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